Actors Audio is a division of Cerny/American Creative, one of America's leading sound production companies for the past three decades. Our company has been recognized for excellence in the fields of entertainment and advertising, winning hundreds of awards around the world. We have launched Actor's Audio as a distribution company for unique, high quality audio programs that in many cases will not be available anywhere else. Like great literature, great audio programming appeals to the imagination. In the best audio programming, great acting, sound design and musical scores engage a listener and stimulate the mind to see a very visual image. Our programs will be character and story driven, and produced to make the listener see. Actors and vocal performance will be at the heart of all our programming. Not only will our website offer new types of audio programming, but our goal is to give our patrons an insider's look at how these kinds of programs are created and produced. We want to involve our audience and give them a chance to give us input for our programming. When was the last time a motion picture company or television network asked you what you wanted to see? Actors frequently come to us with scripts they think should be produced. Our goal is to help them convince motion picture studios and networks that their script will attract an audience. Actors Audio is dedicated to providing Actors with a new stage to perform new scripts that otherwise might not be produced. In the early days of the motion picture industry, the major film companies produced radio programming to test scripts. Many Academy Award Winning movies were audio programs first. In essence, we are asking discerning listeners to help us create an entirely new entertainment medium. Actors Audio will produce several new audio programs each year covering a wide range of tastes. Check our "Upcoming Features" to see what projects are currently in production. We hope you will find our programs a wonderful alternative to listening to the radio on the way to work. Wouldn't a great story told by master story tellers be a welcome change of pace?

Close your eyes and open your imagination... to Actors Audio!


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