by Anne Hunter, narrated by JoBe Cerny


A Piece Of Sky: A Fractured Retelling of Chicken Little: Crowns of the Twelve, Book 5; The most powerful force in creation has been stolen from the Tree of Life. Nurgal, Lord of Decay, is convinced the golden seed he possesses will help him end man's time on earth. The last thing he expects is for a little red hen to try and stop him.

When the magic acorn strikes Ros in the head and changes how she sees the entire world, she believes the sky is falling. Determined to discover the identity of the seed, she strikes out into the big, wide world to find her answers. Many factions are in play and lives are at stake when she learns that an even greater evil is at hand.

Can one little red hen save the world?

In this twist on the classic tale of Chicken Little, no one is too small to make a difference.

by Alison Kentta, narrated by JoBe Cerny


Professor McNitt and the Journey to Gambit; Twelve-year-old Corabelle Quinn is positive she doesn't have a single living relative, much less a quirky great uncle named Professor McNitt. But after ten months of sharing a bedroom with a biting toddler and a money-obsessed boy genius named Aiken, she gladly moves in with him anyway. As it turns out, Professor McNitt is not only an inventor of bizarre and marvelous things, but the only person who knows two very important secrets: the real story of Cora's family, and the hidden passage to Gambit Island. But just when he begins to reveal how these two things are closely intertwinedÑhe suddenly vanishes.

by Hank LeGrand, narrated by Emily Klein


Attack At The Giant Oak Tree; The Giant Oak Tree is home to numerous animals, and the eldest raccoon is in charge of all that happens there. The animals loved living in the tree, and got along with each other perfectly. But Honey Bees move into the small hole at the top of the giant oak, and they are soon becoming an un - welcomed neighbor. The bees were a noisy-bunch. They buzzed in and out of the hole all day long, and at night their constant buzzing vibrated the entire tree, keeping everyone awake.

narrated by Emily Klein with JoBe Cerny


The Magical Rocking Horse (Adventures of the Magical Rocking Horse Book 1); This rocking horse is not your normal toy... The Magical Rocking Horse is a special horse indeed. And when you read the story I'm sure you will agree. Most rocking horses stay on the rocker, but this one will surprise everyone.