by Kathy McIntosh, narrated by JoBe Cerny


Mustard's Last Stand: Havoc in Hancock, Book 1; One struggling screenwriter seeking solace in his hometown, One extra-large mustard jar bearing the cremains of a famous actress, One ex-car salesman turned canned hunt enthusiast, One fake preacher-for-hire/con man on the run, One dedicated and discredited eco-activist, dressed in animal skins, Four determined pregnant women, One crazed pill-popper. Slowly mix in one runaway ice cream truck. Watch things boil over in Hancock, Idaho.

by Donna Ball, narrated by Paul Fleschner


The Hummingbird House (Volume 1); Paul Slater and Derrick Anderson set about opening the Hummingbird House B&B with their usual style and flair, only to find that they may have taken on more than they bargained for. Despite constant coaching from their friends Cici, Bridget and Lindsay, they don't seem to be able to do anything right. Before they know how it happened, they are at odds with their teenage housekeeper, overwhelmed by a zany spiritualist who seems determined to take over their lives, and, most horrifying of all, on the wrong side of the law.

by Lauren Clark, narrated by Mary Hollis with a cast recording


Pie Girls; Princess, Southern belle, and spoiled-rotten social climber Searcy Roberts swore on a stack of Bibles she'd never return home to Fairhope, Alabama. After marrying her high school sweetheart and moving to Atlanta, Searcy embraces big-city life; Carrie Bradshaw style. But now, Searcy has a teeny, tiny problem. Her husband's had a mid-life crisis. He's quit his job, cancelled her credit cards, and left her for another man. Searcy returns to Fairhope, ready to lick her wounds.