by Jeremy Robinson, narrated by Julia Farmer


Unity; Euphemia Williams, known to her few friends as Effie, and everyone else as Eff-Bomb, will punch you for looking at her funny, for using her full name or for noticing that she's a genius. But when an elite global entity known as Unity takes note of her intelligence and offers her a chance to escape the hum-drum life of a foster-child, she signs up. At best, she expects her time abroad to be a vacation. At worst, an actual challenge. But what she finds, upon being swept up in a futuristic transport, is far, far worse.

En route to a secret location in the Pacific, a meteor punches through the atmosphere triggering an electromagnetic pulse that sends the transport plummeting to the ocean. While fighting to escape the crash and climb onto an island beach, the meteor slams into the sea. A tsunami races across the island, pursuing Effie and her fellow survivors deeper into the volcanic island's lush jungle.

Beaten, terrified and abandoned, the small group discovers that they are not alone on the island. The locals are ruthless and well-trained. With the survivors looking to her for leadership, Effie struggles - and fails - to keep everyone alive as they fight for survival.

Along the way, Effie uncovers a series of shocking truths...

by Ferrel D. Moore, narrated by Paul Flescher


Tainted Blood; A savage Russian werewolf rips apart the city of Detroit while being hunted through its streets by a team of mercenaries.

by Belinda Frisch, narrated by Julia Farmer


Cure: A Strandville Zombie Novel 1; Welcome to the Nixon Healing and Research Center, playground for the maniacal Dr. Howard Nixon whose medical research has him dabbling in the undead and has the women of Strandville disappearing. Desperate to find a cure for the lethal virus which turns its victims into zombies, Nixon kidnaps Miranda Penton, a security recruit with a past that won't let her go. He doesn't count on anyone coming looking for her, least of all her ex-husband, Scott.


Afterbirth: A Strandville Zombie Novel 2; The survivors of the Nixon Center struggle in a post-apocalyptic world where the walking dead aren't the biggest threats. Working from a remote, mountain cabin, Dr. Howard Nixon is determined to salvage what is left of his experiment.

by Steve Alten, narrated by Paul Fleschner


Grim Reaper: End Of Days; With world leaders meeting at the U.N., Mary Klipot, a biohazard level-4 scientist, sees an opportunity to carry out God's work. She injects herself with Scythe, a swift-acting version of the Black Death, and diligently spreads the infection throughout Manhattan. The threat of a worldwide pandemic forces officials to seal off the island... leaving the president of the U.S. - and Shep's family - trapped. Determined to rescue his wife and child, Shep searches through the plague-infested Manhattan. And the Grim Reaper follows....

by Liz Craig, narrated by Julia Farmer


Race To Refuge; Race to Refuge rivets listeners with mild thrills in a novel that's not about the zombies, but about the people striving for elusive shelter and a future of hope.. Ty, who's only recently gotten his driver's permit, is abruptly thrust into adulthood as he desperately seeks to save his younger sister. He makes a fast friend in a German shepherd yearning for companionship and love in this new, dangerous world. Charlie, restlessly searching for meaning in his life, learns meaning is elusive during an apocalypse. Tremendous obstacles provide him with new self-discoveries. If they can escape the constant peril and find refuge, can they forge a new life from the ruins of the old one?

Railroad!, A Stempunk Series by Tonia Brown, Narrated by JoBe Cerny with Julia Farmer

Join us as we follow the strange stand-alone train known as the Sleipnir (pronounced Schlipnear); eight cars of free traveling steam powered might. Able to lay her own tracks, as well as pick them up again, the train is a marvelous feat of engineering, and as an unbound entity she can travel anywhere her master desires. The only trouble is the trouble she attracts. Her owner and creator, one Professor Hieronymus J. Dittmeyer, can't seem to help but catch the attention of all manner of odd characters, including an undead conductor and a ghostly guardian. But even the most well intending ghost just isn't enough to keep trouble from the tracks. From run of the mill outlaws, to world-class super villains, the crew of the Sleipnir needs hands-on protecting and they need it fast!



Volume One: Rodger Dodger (a steampunk western); Enter Rodger Dodger, dead-eye marksman and all around vexed soul. Dodger finds he is inexplicably drawn to the Sleipnir and her crazy crew, though he is reluctant to return to the work of a gunslinger after a dreadful history of bloodshed and violence.


Volume Two: Dogs Of War (a steampunk tale); Rodger Dodger decides to take on the job of security for the unusual standalone train, only to find the professor's precocious niece has been taken hostage. Join him as he straps on the biggest pair of guns this side of the Mississippi and tracks down the kidnapped damsel, finding his own distress along the way.


Volume Three: The Trouble With Waxford (a steampunk western); The dog soldiers' genetics are hanging by a thread, and our intrepid hero is the only one that can keep them from turning into goop! In an effort to create a cure for the dog men's condition, the doc sends Dodger after a rare and expensive chemical. Unfortunately, the ingredient is sold by a dangerous brood of deadly but beautiful ladies. Did we say ladies? Aren't those fangs awful sharp for just regular ladies?

by Marissa Farrar (Fantasy/ Romance) , narrated by Julia Farmer


Alone (The 'Serenity' Series Book 1); Caught in a violent and abusive relationship, Serenity thinks there is no escape. Upon meeting a stranger, Sebastian, she is shown the possibility of a different future. Only Sebastian has a dark secret; he is a vampire.

As Serenity's life takes a terrifying turn, she finds herself drawn into a world she never knew existed; one of murder, love and immortality. She is forced to confront her own weaknesses to save both her own life and that of the vampire she has come to love. But in the end all that matters is; can she find the strength to be Alone?


Buried (The 'Serenity' Series Book 2); Four years after the horrific murder of her husband, Serenity is living a new life and finally putting the terrifying events behind her. Though now a stronger person, her heart craves the vampire who gave her the strength to change her life. Desperate to forget Serenity, Sebastian hides away in the underground tunnels of Goreme, Turkey, and has thrown himself into an existence of darkness and blood. But rumours abound of something unnatural existing, something with the strength of a vampire that can walk in the light.