by Susan I Spieth, narrated by Linda Kimbrough


Gray Girl: Honor isn't always black and white; It's 1982 and Cadet Jan Wishart has been falsely accused of an honor violation at West Point. She believes her accuser is also the predator who raped her friend. At the honor trial, Jan must defend herself and try to reveal his guilt. Yet, two hundred years of fraternal brotherhood stand in the way. The worst is yet to come when Jan and her roommate sneak out after Taps one night. Their discovery in an unauthorized area is more likely to get them kicked out, or killed. Jan realizes the grayness of West Point is not only in its buildings and uniforms. Even honor isn't always black and white.

by Reynolds Price, narrated by Paul Fleschner


The Tongues Of Angels; Bridge Boatner has never forgotten the drama that unfolded at a summer camp in the Smoky Mountains in 1954. He was twenty-one then, art counselor at Camp Juniper, an environment lush with nature and buzzing with rowdy boys on the brink of manhood. Into their midst came a gifted boy tied to a terrible past and an equally mysterious future -- a future that would leave Bridge forever changed . . .


Good Hearts; Rosacoke Mustian and Wesley Beavers are beloved of readers who met them in Price's first novel, A Long and Happy Life. Here they are again. Their marriage has indeed been three decades long, but has it been happy? Rosa thinks so, but Wesley feels dead of heart, facing "a black wall of defeat." In other words, midlife crisis. So he leaves Rosa one morning just before Christmas, drives to Nashville and begins an affair with a warm and supportive 26-year-old woman named Wilson. Suffused with guilt and bewilderment, abandoned Rosa begins to receive ominous phone calls, and on New Year's Eve she awakens to a rapist in her bed.

by Lou Aronica, narrated by Paul Fleschner


The Forever Year; Jesse Sienna doesn't believe that love can last. His parents' marriage was caring but passionless, and his own romantic history tells him that love can burn bright, but that it cannot burn for long. So when his elderly father, Mickey, moves in with him and seems unable to understand Jesse's no-strings-attached relationship with Marina, his current girlfriend, Jesse barely pays attention. It's just another example of how different they are - and more evidence that he and his father will never connect on any meaningful level.