I Could Have Been a Cabdriver... But I Became an Actor Instead

I Could Have Been a Cabdriver... But I Became an Actor Instead
Item# i-could-have-been-a-cabdriver-but-i-became-an-actor-instead

Product Description

This book is about the business of acting. It explains in detail how an actor makes money and creates a career. It is not a basic introduction to the business, but an advanced business book that helps the actor create and sustain a career. The book covers topics like finding acting jobs, long term career management, agent relations, developing a saleable image, advertising, marketing, public relations, money management, continuing education, physical training, business expansion, health insurance, pension plans, union involvement, and dealing with the everyday personal problems every working actor faces. This book was developed over a thirty year period and tested in college classroom situations in an effort to answer questions aspiring actors had about the acting business. This book goes beyond the college classroom into the real world of the business of acting. It answers the question that troubles every actor the most: "How do I make money as an actor?"

While the book offers very sound business advice, it is written in a humorous and inspirational way that gives the reader a very realistic idea of what it takes to be a professional actor.

"As a tenured full professor, now in my 13th year at Illinois State... I've read several books on the subject of professional careers and I have never found any that explore what we actors do as businessmen as profoundly as Cerny does.