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Actors Audio & Publishing is a distribution company for unique, high quality audio programs that in many cases will not be available anywhere else.

Like great literature, great audio programming appeals to the imagination. The best audio programming uses great acting, sound design and musical scores to engage the listener, and stimulate the mind to see a very visual image. Our programs will be character and story driven, and produced to make the listener see. Actors and vocal performance will be at the heart of all our programming.

Actors Audio is a division of Cerny/American Creative, one of America's leading sound production companies for the past three decades, and many of our productions have won numerous awards for sound design.

We hope you will find our programs a wonderful listening experience and a great alternative to listening to the radio on the way to work. Wouldn't a great story told by master story tellers be a welcome change of pace?

Close your eyes and open your imagination... to Actors Audio!

TonguesOfAngelsLargeFiction - Tongues Of Angels; Bridge Boatner has never forgotten the drama that unfolded at a summer camp in the Smoky Mountains in 1954. He was twenty-one then, art counselor at Camp Juniper, an environment lush with nature and buzzing with rowdy boys on the brink of manhood. Into their midst came a gifted boy tied to a terrible past and an equally mysterious future -- a future that would leave Bridge forever changed . . .

IsadoresSecretLargeTrue Crime - Isadore's Secret; A gripping account of the mysterious 1907 disappearance of a young nun in a northern Michigan town and the national controversy that followed when she turned up dead and buried in the basement of her own church.

GhostNoMoreNon Fiction - Ghost No More; CeeCee is a child desperate for a touch of approval, the love of her mother. Her reality is her mom's retreating back, abandoning CeeCee in front of a burning car. Ghost No More is a child abuse true story that proves joy can be found beyond abuse.

MurderOnOpeningNight1Mysteries - Murder On Opening Night; When Myrtle Clover and her friend Miles attend a play in their small town, there's a full house on opening night. Nandina Marshall upstages everyone - when her murder forces an unexpected intermission. Can Myrtle and Miles discover who was behind her final curtain call... before murder makes an encore?

FatalIntensions1Mysteries - Fatal Intentions; A year after Sydney Dowling's murder, the killing begins again. Someone with medical training is working their way through the list of people connected to Sydney's case. Paramedic Anneliese Ashmore and Dr. Jared Monroe both have means and motive, but only one of them is being framed.

WhenEvilCameToGoodHart1True Crime - When Evil Came To Good Hart; Using police and court documents as well as historical and present-day statements and interviews, this page-turning true-life whodunit details all the evidence to date in the case of the Robinson family murders. Despite the exhaustive investigative efforts of numerous individuals, decades later the case lies tantalizingly out of reach. It is still an unsolved cold case."

RabbitsNeverDie1Mysteries - Rabbits Never Die; Bay gets sucked into investigating who really blew up the Graf Zeppelin. He teams up with legendary columnist Wolf on an international trek that leads them to Cuba and New Orleans. Hollywood in the 1930Õs would never be the same.