Twilight Zone Radio Drama "The New Exhibit" LIMITED EDITION

Twilight Zone Radio Drama "The New Exhibit" LIMITED EDITION
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Product Description

THE NEW EXHIBIT Special Limited Edition CD

The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas were the most celebrated Radio Program of 2006. The series won XM’s Nation Award for Best Program on Sonic Theatre, The Marcom Creative Award for Best Audio Program, The Millenium Award for Best Director and Best Sound Design, as well as Crystal Awards of Excellence for Best Program and Best Sound Design. It also won The American Scene Award from The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA, the Actor’s Union ).

This is a special Collector’s Edition Audio CD that is longer than the radio episode that will air later in the year. This new audio production was adapted from one of the most famous Twilight Zone television scripts, “The New Exhibit”. This episode takes place in a Wax Museum, and we thought Halloween would be the perfect time to release this special Limited Collector’s Edition. This product is only available from Actors Audio.